Comparison between Mikroferma sprouter
and other brands

Fresh Life
Humidity control NO NO NO YES
Heating NO NO NO YES
Watter supply Built in water tank. Must refill every 3-4 days Seeds are watered with circulated waste water. Connected to the pipeline. Fixed location. Seeds get cold chlorinated water. Can take water from any container. Needs refill only once every 10 days or less.
Water Low level protection NO NO NO YES
It will signal when water is low and stop the electric pump
Water filter No. Any small particle in the water, clogs the suction tip and disables the machine. NO YES YES
Cleaning Difficlut. Requires full disassembly of the machine. Suction fan gets clogged by limestone over time and can't be cleaned because it's moulded. No info available Need to unhook all hoses Easy. All hoses are detached with a single push.
Gerninatuion in soil YES NO YES YES
Country of origin China Korea USA Bulgaria
Modularity YES
2 extra modules cost $479 (£340)
An extra barrel costs $54 (£40)
2 extra growing modules cost $80 (£56) and tripple the capacity
Forced oxygenation YES NO NO YES
Sprouting surface 1184 cm² 637 cm² 1260 cm² 1066 cm²
Price $250 (£180) $160 (£113) $330 (£230) $140 (£98)